I Hate Working Out

I hate working out. There it is, I said it. I. Hate. Working. Out.

I hate having to drag myself out of bed earlier to sweat, I hate having sore muscles, I hate lying on the floor afterwards, unsure if I’ll make it up the stairs without needing Life Alert, and I especially hate being out of breath. I also hate how my hair never seems to stay contained while I’m doing burpees and jump squats. Bobby pins do your job.

Weight Training

And here we have someone who is far happier about working out than I am.

People who say they love working out are clearly paid off by some secret society of gyms because there is no way that anyone enjoys drowning in a pool of their own sweat after their heart has exploded. As a nursing student, I can confirm that diagnosis exists: death by explosion of the heart. (I’m totally kidding, check WebMD).

Despite my hatred for physical activity, I tend to work out three to six times a week.

Because while I hate working out, I love looking in the mirror and seeing more tone and definition in my body. I love feeling stronger and challenging myself. I love having control over my body and a goal to work towards. Naturally, to feel this way, I’ve got to endure the horrors of actual exercise.

People don’t get addicted or love to workout. They get addicted to the results that come from it.

If you’re considering starting a new fitness routine or attempting to get into shape, I strongly suggest you do it. No matter how hard or impossible it seems now, you’ll start seeing and feeling results quickly after. Fitness is a personal commitment that no one can force you into, and once you’ve started no one can take away your progress. So many things in life are uncertain or out of your control. Your body isn’t one of them.

Remember, everyone had to start somewhere.

– S.

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3 thoughts on “I Hate Working Out

  1. Really needed to hear this today! I’ve been thinking about toning up a bit and this morning went for my first ever run that wasn’t on a treadmill. It was only ten minutes and my asthma hated me, but I did it! x


    • That’s great! Every time you run, you should write down how long you went for on a calendar. You’ll start to see your times improve and that’s enough motivation to want to keep going!
      Keep me posted 🙂


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