Bates Motel Review

This summer, in my boredom, I turned to Netflix. It’s not too different from what I usually turn to, but with being off from school I had more time to spend with my favourite invention of the technological revolution.

I found Bates Motel in my recommendations and decided to give it a shot because I’m all about summer “feel-good” shows. What better way to unwind than inside the mind of a teenage Norman Bates?

I ended up loving the show much more than the background noise I initially intended it to be. It’s got just the right amount of creepy, mixed with dark humour and unexpected plot twists. The cast is made up of some familiar faces like Freddie Highmore from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Vera Farmiga, sister of Taissa Farmiga from American Horror Story and new faces like Olivia Cooke and Nicola Peltz. There’s also my personal favourite, Max Thieriot who plays Norman’s half brother Dylan.

Max Thieriot

It’s not hard to figure out why he’s my favourite.

The show obviously takes liberties from the novel by Robert Ploch, but the true essence of what led Norman to become his character from Psycho remains the same. We gradually see Norman develop his split personality disorder through blackouts of increasing frequency and the uncomfortably close bond he shares with his mother, Norma Bates. The show’s subplot of the town’s major economic industry of marijuana weaves in and out of the main storyline, but effectively captures the interest of the audience.

So far, there’s been two seasons of Bates Motel, each with 10 episodes. I would definitely recommend watching this show if you’re looking for a summer television obsession with a little more substance. Bates Motel has been renewed for a third season, so don’t fear if you find you’ve binge-watched it all (like me) and need more.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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