True Blood: Final Season Review

WARNING: Spoilers below! If you haven’t watched the finale, click away (but come back later)!

So there it is. The last season of True Blood is over, and all I can think is finally. I actually felt like I was stuck in a time warp where I was watching the same episode week after week and nothing was changing. I was so incredibly disinterested in this season and it’s storylines. With the reduced season order, I was sure that each episode would be packed with action, drama, and tears. The first half of the season definitely served that, especially with the loss of Tara early on. The second half was largely lacklustre. The majority of episodes felt like a waste of of airtime with Bill’s flashbacks. The season was rushed and I was unimpressed.

As always, I decided a list would be the best way to organize my thoughts. So I present:

7 Things True Blood Totally Goofed On

1. Wasting time on Lettie Mae and her desire for forgiveness from Tara.
Unnecessary. Yes Tara was a major character and her meeting the true death was very sudden. But was it necessary to spend that much time on Lettie Mae and her need for forgiveness? The whole story should’ve been wrapped up a lot sooner.

2. Bill’s flashbacks.
I can’t even express how much I hated these. I love Bill, but who really cared about his human life? I dreaded these.

3. Not nearly enough Eric and Pam. 
As far as I’m concerned this was a fatal flaw. Eric and Pam were the show’s best characters and always delivered the wittiest lines.

4. Bringing Hoyt home with a girlfriend.
The relationship drama with his blonde Alaskan could’ve been entirely eliminated to make room for more cute Jess and Hoyt moments. Their shotgun wedding would’ve been sweeter had Hoyt taken the time to fall back in love with Jess, rather than just take her word for it.

5. Having Jason be with Hoyt’s ex girlfriend.
I know this was supposed to show personal growth on Jason’s part when he was able to resist being with her. To me, it just seemed like a lateral move. A perfect ending with Jason could’ve been success in his career to show that he was able to define himself without a woman. He’s an independent man who don’t need no woman. (I need to stop)

6. Not giving Sookie and Eric a goodbye. 
I never thought she should end up with Eric regardless of how perfect he looks. But at the very least, we should’ve gotten a nice scene of Sookie telling him she’s ready to move on and needed to let him go. They had a swoon-inducing reunion and that was it. I felt cheated.

7. The final dinner party scene should’ve been at Merlotte’s (or Bellefleur’s whatever). 
It would’ve been a nice circle to end with a celebration at a place where each of the characters had spent so much time and had experienced so much pain.

The final season, while flawed, wasn’t all bad. There was some moments that stood out and were reminiscent of True Blood’s glory days. Arlene’s near-death when she saw Terry was beautiful and tear-jerking. It was a great way to bring back an old, loved character to give him the goodbye he really deserved. Violet’s kidnapping of Holly and Andy’s kids to lure out Jess and Jason made for a well-earned dramatic villain death. I especially loved the small scenes, like Eric driving and bopping his head to the music after killing the Yakuza.

And with that I’m hanging up my fangs. Good-bye True Blood, you will be truly missed. And also re-watched repeatedly.

– S.

Image Source: John P. Johnson/HBO


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