Spotify in Canada

When you cross the border from the United States into Canada, there’s this weird magic that prevents access to most videos from major networks and causes streaming services to seriously limit what we Canadians can see.

Yes, I’m aware that weird magic is licensing laws.

But it’s incredibly annoying to not be able to watch any show previews until they’ve been copied to Youtube, having very limited choices in Netflix, and not being able to use cool services like Pandora, Hulu, or Spotify.

Until now that is. Spotify has come to Canada. As of right now, it’s only on an invitation and wait-list basis, but it’ll surely open up to all users soon enough. I had a friend send me an invitation code this morning, and I spent the greater part of the last two hours fiddling around with stations and settings, and there is a lot of them.

Users can search artists, specific songs, genres, and moods to find playlists to listen to. Follow your favourite artists or friends and listen to what they love. You can fast-forward to your favourite part or play the same song over and over again. You can make playlists through Spotify’s library, or upload your own, which makes your music available anywhere at anytime. I’ve already found a ton of new music and a bunch of really great playlists that make perfect background music for studying or getting ready.

Before using Spotify, I used 8tracks, an online playlist sharing platform where users would create the content. While I loved it for its  basic features like being able to create a collection of liked mixes and using moods or genres to find playlists, I found that the content was quite repetitive. Users gravitated towards using the same songs in their playlists, and I would get bored very easily and abandon the site for months. I would also spend way too long finding the perfect mix and end up switching to iTunes anyways.

With Spotify, all it takes is searching one song or one artist and a playlist is immediately curated. There are countless ways to find what you’re in the mood to listen to, whether it be Spotify’s radio, playlists, or searching by genre.

Guys. I’m hooked.

Download Spotify and find the perfect soundtrack to your daily life, ASAP.

– S.


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