Severe Blood Shortage in Canada

Yesterday, Canadian Blood Services put out an announcement that they will soon only have enough blood to sustain the nation for the next three days.

They’re urging every existing donor, and encouraging new donors to come out to clinics and give blood. As a future healthcare professional, I strongly urge everyone who can donate to do it. According to Blood Services, 52% of Canadians have said that they or their family members have needed blood. One person can make a huge impact on someone else’s survival.

I know it seems scary, but you have the ability to give someone their life back. With your donation, someone has a fighting chance at walking out of a hospital and returning to a normal life.

Wherever you’re reading from, look into your local blood services. Even if you decide not to donate, you can see all the great things that the foundation is capable of.

Here’s a link to the article from the Canadian Blood Services. There’s a lot of interesting statistics that are worth reading, or maybe you can click around and learn more about blood typing (which I can never remember).

Knowing that members of a community can help one another is always inspiring.

– S.



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