Family Vacation

Last week my family booked an impromptu trip to Orlando, Florida. The last time we’d all been there together, I was five. That trip was a bit of a disaster as I became dehydrated and spent the majority of the time throwing up and crying.

Ah, memories…

Since it was a short trip, we didn’t get to hit up all of the places that I would’ve liked, namely the beaches. We went to Universal’s Islands of Adventure, mainly because I’m obsessed with the Harry Potter theme park. The shops and rides were just how I remembered it on a vacation with my friends two years ago. I enjoyed an ice cold butterbeer under the Florida winter sun, which was beaming down at a pleasant 80 degrees. I wouldn’t mind winters so much if they meant cloudless skies and breezy warm days. Everyone we met in the parks, restaurants and the resort were all so friendly and truly made our trip a better experience.

While I love where I live, I don’t want it to be permanent. I can definitely see myself settling into a life in the south, enjoying the sun, palm trees and spirited people.

Southern hospitality has me sold. Florida, I’ll see you again soon.














– S.


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