New Year’s Suggestions

I have yet to keep up with any New Year’s resolution and I’m sure I’m not the only one. This year, rather than binding myself to promises I know I won’t keep, I thought I would come up with a list of suggestions to live by in the coming New Year. I’m not exactly bound to it, but it’s a good reminder of what I can improve or change about my life.

1. Say yes more often.

I’m an extremely cautious person. While it saves me from trouble, I worry that it’s keeping me from truly experiencing life. Anxious tendencies keep me within my comfort zone so I’d like to try and say yes to more new things. I don’t think I’ll be able to stop being so cautious right away, but I hope to become less afraid of what I don’t know.

2. Read more books.

As a university student, all I do is read. Seriously. I read journal articles and textbooks and emails. As a child of this generation I read tweets and picture captions and texts. But it’s not enough. When I was younger, I was a voracious reader. I loved books and disappearing into other worlds, or learning about something new. Reading is what inspired me to write. I hate that I’ve lost the time and the will to read something for myself. I want to enjoy it again and not have books seem like a task or a drag. This year, I’m going to try and read a new book every month to rediscover my love for literature.

3. Start an art wall.

Thanks to Pinterest, I spend (or rather waste) a lot of time browsing examples of fashion, decor, and organization. I love the idea of having a wall filled with random art, each collected from somewhere different, and each with its own story. This year, I want to start collecting pieces I love and displaying them in my room. It’ll be a nice way to support and appreciate artists, while infusing more creativity into my room.



4. Be fit all year, not just in the summer.

Come on, everyone has made a variation of this resolution at least once in their life. It’s why gyms are always full in January. I realized that while I enjoy fitness, I’m way too apathetic about it in the winter. It’s extremely hard to motivate myself to get out of bed when it’s snowing outside and the house feels more like an igloo than a home. The mantra this year is to take less naps and become more familiar with the treadmill. At least I hope so.

5. Support a charity.

I’ve been so fortunate to live such a comfortable life, and I think it’s time to give back a little more consistently. I donate to several charities sporadically, but I want to find a cause I’m truly passionate about and donate my time as well as my money. Taking a hands-on approach will motivate me to provide continued support and hopefully help out someone who is going through a tough time.

In making New Year’s resolutions (or suggestions), I find that it’s easy to get carried away and make a long list of items that look a lot more overwhelming when January rolls around. By keeping it short I’m hoping to keep it a little more realistic. I can’t say for sure that I’ll be able to keep up with all of these, but I think they’re a good reminder to enrich life.

Like speed limits, they’re really more of suggestion than a binding rule. Happy New Year!

– S.

(Totally kidding about speed limits by the way. Don’t speed. Drive safe y’all!)

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6 thoughts on “New Year’s Suggestions

  1. Make sure you post a picture of you art wall. I joined a book club this year and it has really expanded my reading into so many different genres. Im the same with keeping fit, I have stuck to pilates for about 6months though but want to get back swimming.


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