A Whole New World

I’ve always been content with routine and the familiarity of my small town life. I had no objections to driving the same country roads daily or eating at the same restaurants. In all honesty, I pretty much loved it. I despise change and the anxiety it brings me. The best way to avoid it was to stick to what I knew.

Maybe using such firm past-tense to describe my love of the sameness of life is wrong, because I’m still quite alright with it. But lately, being quite alright isn’t enough.

Last week I was in Atlanta to celebrate my sister’s engagement with all of our friends and family. We used to live there and visit quite consistently and I always enjoyed it. My parents drive down at least twice a year but for me it had been about five years since I’d been back. When I visited before, it just seemed like a nice change of scenery and a family reunion. I’d underestimated how much I’d changed in the last five years.

It was more than a nice change of scenery this time. I absolutely loved it. I loved visiting the city and talking to old friends and especially being around family. There was so much that was familiar about my surroundings there, but I was looking at it with a completely different perspective.

It was indeed a whole new world.

When I first got home, the mundaneness of my life seemed suffocating. I couldn’t believe that I was stuck in this snowy purgatory, while such a exciting and enticing place existed. I always intended on finishing all of my post-secondary education here, but now I’m yearning for the chance to move for my Master’s degree.

After a few days home I realized that wanting to be somewhere else didn’t mean I loved my town and my current life any less. I just desperately want something different. I want change.

Superficially, this doesn’t seem like a groundbreaking discovery. Most people do move away from where they grew up and adapt to new places easily. On a personal level, these feelings signify tremendous self-growth.

I’m no longer the shy girl who needs to be around her friends and family all of the time to feel functional. I’ve finally accepted that changes and challenges are not only a part of life to be tolerated, but to be sought out and immersed in.

I’m ready to leave my comfort zone and make sacrifices to try something new.

Get the magic carpet ready (and Aladdin too), because I’m looking to find a whole new world.

– S.


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