Review: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

With the end of winter just around the corner, my fingers have finally thawed enough to review my absolute essential this season.

While I love to complain about cold temperatures, icy roads and endless snow, dry and flaky skin has to be the most problematic wintry feature of all. I use a mini-radiator as a space heater for my extremely cold room. When my 5:30 AM alarm goes off, you best believe I’m huddled over it like it’s a treasure. What I didn’t realize, was that the closeness to the heater made the skin on my arms scaly and extremely dry.

I didn’t pay much attention, until my face started peeling from the dryness. So. Not. Sexy. That’s when I decided to interfere.


I was at Sephora picking up my foundation when I grabbed First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream from the impulse buy section. It was just a travel size and it was only $12, so I thought it was worth the risk.

The cream comes out quite thick from the tube and basically has no smell. Since it’s intended for sensitive skin, I figure the lack of scenting chemicals was definitely a good thing. I’m very particular about what I use on my face, so I was a little nervous the first night I used it. Because it was so thick, I worried I’d wake up with a massive breakout.

Instead I woke up with baby-soft skin with no dry patches. It helped my makeup go on smoother and totally saved my arms from looking they belong in the reptile section of a zoo. I started feeling braver and used it during the day, and was shocked at how un-greasy it felt on my face. For a thick moisturizer, it certainly didn’t have the heavy feeling I was expecting.


I’ll probably switch to something a little lighter when (if???) summer rolls around. Until then, First Aid Beauty is definitely my go-to for a rescue.

– S.


2 thoughts on “Review: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

  1. I have heard that the face wash is really good, but I have not heard too much about the moisturizer.
    I use a space heater in my room as well but didn’t realize just how drying it was! Great review!


    • You should definitely try the moisturizer if you get the chance! I love using it after face masks to make my skin feel soft and smooth. Ugh, the combination of overexposure to heat and the dry atmosphere just totally got me this winter. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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