Anger is Honest

It’s a well known fact that people wear social masks. Rather, a full body social armour that filters our thoughts into acceptable speech, our tone into the expected inflection, and our body language to what’s most appropriate for the situation.

Until we get angry.

Not those minor annoyances or snarky one-liners we throw out when we’re irritated. I’m talking about full fledged anger. Yelling, uncoordinated gesturing, veins pulsing type rage.

The cool composure slips right off when anger takes the wheel. Feelings buried deep shoot out with no social armour to filter them, launching a mess that can never fully be cleaned up. Words that can never be forgotten. After a major shouting match both people know, they’ve said what they should’ve all along, and now it cannot be taken back.

When I was younger, I was always extremely sensitive to tone and anger. I would become physically ill just hearing others fight because the unpredictability of it upset me so much. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned to appreciate anger for what it is – the most honest emotion of all.

I still hate when voices are raised and insults exchanged, but now I can see the catharsis of it. Finally releasing all of the pent up frustration and deeply concealed feelings can force the people involved to gain perspective and repair the relationship, or leave it broken forever. Anger helps people distinguish between relationships that are worth mending, and those that have been broken from the start.

Pay attention to the words spoken to you in anger because they’ll tell you a lot about the needs of the person who spoke them. At the time, it may seem irrational but don’t ever discredit the sentiment behind them. For better or for worse, I have yet to forget anything said to me in anger.

As far as emotions go, anger is the most honest of all.

Happiness is often faked. Anger is not.

– S.


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