Dear Universe

Honestly I feel selfish when wishing or hoping for anything to happen for myself, because so many in the world have so little. But we humans are a greedy bunch and I’m no different. Besides, ask and you shall receive right?

So Universe, I’m asking. It’s time you send me someone to love as deeply and passionately as possible. Where’s my Prince Charming, Universe? I’m tired of waiting around and watching love happen for everyone else when I’m just as ready and deserving.

I’m a good person, Universe, I swear! I don’t really drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t stay out late making my parents worried sick. I’m kind and respectful, willing to always go the extra mile even if it doesn’t benefit me. I stop for squirrels, I set spiders free outside, and I always recycle.

I’m confident but not too into myself, I’m smart but not a know-it-all, and I have pretty hair. Have I mentioned how humble I am, Universe?

You see Universe, while you’ve given me so much, I still need a little something more to make it enough. I know Universe, I know – I’m being terribly selfish and just overall silly. And yes of course my Prince Charming is on his way, but if you don’t mind, I’d just like him to get here a little faster.

Maybe it’ll help if I tell you exactly what I want?

I’m looking for the type of love that Ed Sheeran sings about. You know, the all-consuming, everlasting, only thing you need kind of love? The kind of love where you’re sure that you’re exactly where you need to be, whether it’s on a couch with a cup of tea or out dancing the night away. I want a love that reminds me to love myself, and teaches me to let people in. Even if it comes with moments of heartbreak, I’ll take it. I just want to remember what it’s like to appreciate and trust and feel appreciated and trusted.

It’s a simple request Universe, and basically cost-free so if you wouldn’t mind pushing it along the track a little, I’d be even more grateful than I already am.

I’ve got a little confession for you Universe: I’m not as strong or independent as everyone thinks. Nope, I’m constantly plagued with self-doubt and sometimes scared to be on my own. It would be nice to have someone cheering me on, or taking the reins from time-to-time. When I look back, I want to know that someone’s there, ready to encourage me if I falter, ready to push me forward.

I know what you’ll say Universe, “Well you don’t need a man to make you feel all those things!! You’re all that and more my pet!”.  I hate to break it to you, but that’s way easier said than done. I’m doing great in nearly every part of my life, I know I am (thanks for that by the way), but I just desperately want someone to share it with. At the end of the day, when everyone else is busy filling their loved ones in, I just feel empty. I roll over in the dark, drowning in covers and pillows pretending that one day it’ll be different. I’m losing hope Universe. I feel it chipping away daily, faster than I can build it up with false reassurances. I would never ever admit it, and if you bring it up again I’ll totally deny it Universe… But it’s getting hard to be the only one who doesn’t ever have anyone to gush about and smile stupidly over.

I’m beginning to dread the title of independent because it’s stopped meaning that I can conquer alone, but rather a disguised way to remind me that I’m conquering lonely.

So Universe, if you’re ready, I know that I am. I know that you’ve got far greater issues on your proverbial plate, and I’m probably just another selfish human making another selfish request. But I’ve gotta try right?  So maybe you could deal with this little wish while you work on world hunger and the water supply? Perhaps it can be a little project on your lunch break!

I guess what I’m saying is that little girls will always want ponies. They can wait, it’s my turn.

Thanks Universe, I really mean it. Send my love to the stars, they’ve been looking great lately.




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