Is This Thing On?

In case any of you missed the hilarious title joke, imagine me aggressively tapping a microphone trying to get the attention of a couple stragglers in a very empty room. Or quite possibly completely empty, since the last time I wrote anything on here was October.

There were still leaves on trees.


To be perfectly honest, my life has been incredibly boring lately. Stable yes, which is great, but obscenely boring. With nothing new or exciting going on, I just had nothing to say on here and figured no one would want to hear me droning on and on about the utter monotony of my life.

You’re probably thinking, “girl you better quit while you’re ahead” or “why bother now?”, to which I say I don’t really know.

I woke up this morning and thought, you know what would be nice? Typing out a stream of consciousness to get back in the swing of things. Think of it as a palate cleanser. Maybe by spilling out all of incomplete thoughts I’ll somehow find the motivation to start documenting my life again. Maybe I’ll rediscover my love for words and photographs and consuming the content other people put out.

Maybe I’ll finally do something different.

Rather than waiting to write about something eventful, I could just write for the hell of it. For myself.

I blame the time of year. December always has me reflecting and realizing that I’m pretty much in the exact same position as last year is a little scary. How have nearly 365 days passed with little to no personal character development?

Double yikes.

So maybe, just maybe this will be my comeback. A throwback to an earlier time where I didn’t settle for boredom, but created excitement myself. A return to when I was thrilled to observe the relationships around me and tried to make sense of what makes people tick. When I was actually interested in learning from myself, growing, and moving forward.

Hey, if Justin Bieber can do it maybe I can too.

– S.

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