Beauty Blogging is Hard

To get myself back into the swing of writing, I decided to look through some of my old posts to figure out what used to inspire me. Surprisingly, I found a sad, abandoned draft of an empties post that I’d started writing nearly six months earlier.

Beauty blogging is hard guys.

To the ladies who’ve dedicated their entire blogs to the glittering world of beauty, I applaud you. Actually I’m giving you a standing ovation, which you obviously can’t see right now. I have no idea how you do it.

How do you pose the products with just the right amount of props and pops of colour? How the heck do you keep coming up with interesting content? How do you not run out of adjective to describe things with?

These are the questions that haunt me.

I love make-up. I wear it almost daily, I’m subscribed to a ton of beauty channels on YouTube, and nothing excites me quite like a striped bag from Sephora. I’ve got a basic understanding of winged eyeliner and contouring and that’s about it.

The more I thought about what to write next, the less I felt like churning out some generic post about my ultimate foundation routine. Confession: I’m just not cut out to write about beauty. It feels like a chore, and I’ve truly got nothing interesting to say about any of the products I use, other than the fact they work great. Which is obvious, otherwise I wouldn’t be using them.

I don’t take risks with my make-up. I like a relatively natural look, with some blush and winged eyeliner thrown on to spice things up. I hate eyeshadow and lipstick on myself, because I hate the texture and how much older it makes me look. I cannot handle the clutter of multiple beauty products, especially when most of them lie unused in the bottom of a drawer dusted with runaway sparkles.

My everyday makeup fits in an empty candle jar from Bath & Body Works, and that’s including moisturizer and brushes. It’s all very clean and organized, which is exactly how I like it. Being hesitant to try new products on my face out of fear of irritation has made it easy to have a tame collection.

So here’s to you. The people who aren’t afraid to test out a new trend and can make me actually care about how long-lasting a new formula truly is. Here’s to the ones who have perfected the application of false eyelashes, because lord only knows how terrified I am of bringing adhesive that close to my eye. Here’s to the girls who post tutorials that make it easy for a girl with a short attention span to learn a new trick or two. Here’s to all of you that have made the world of beauty an addictive way to pass time on the internet.

I’m serious. Y’all don’t get enough credit.

– S.

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