New Year, Same Me

As people start to count backwards from 10, waiting for December to lead into the January of a new year, it’s as if they expect some sort of a reverse-Cinderella effect. Rather than transforming into pumpkins at the strike of 12, they hope to change into brilliantly improved individuals who suddenly have their lives together.

Social media everywhere is suddenly booming with people proclaiming “new year, new me.” This is the year they’ll lose 20 pounds. This is the year they’ll quit smoking. This is the year they’ll stop trying to get their ex back. Or maybe it’s the year they’ll finally eat more veggies.

Don’t worry guys, I’m not under the midnight spell. I’m still the same wildly cynical, deeply flawed person I  was in 2015. I still haven’t gone to the gym. I still procrastinate with marathons of Nip/Tuck. And I’m still not eating as many vegetables as I should.

I appreciate the thousands of people trying to improve themselves worldwide though. It’s incredibly difficult to set goals and actively work to achieve them. To those people who have experienced a transformation at midnight… You’ve got my support and my wishes for good luck.

Even though nothing is overtly different this January, I’ve still got my secret wishes for the new year. I’m excited to see what the year brings.

It’s a sweet (20)16 after all.

– S.

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