The Not-So-Perfect Foundation

For someone with a voracious appetite for YouTube beauty tutorials and hauls, I’m incredibly boring when it comes to my own make-up routine. In fact, my routine is just that – a carefully rehearsed, fail-proof plan that I always use. I save the blush for special days, the contouring for days I’m feeling feisty, and highlighter for when the Queen’s in town.

I generally don’t try new products too often as it threatens that carefully constructed fail-proof plan I mentioned, and basically ruins my day. I’ve been using the same foundation (Ultra HD Invisible Cover by Make Up Forever) for nearly four years, and I was totally ready to buy it again for the millionth time. Even on its last legs, the foundation does an amazing job. I literally use every last drop with a creatively designed contraption made up of Q-tips taped together.

But then, peer pressure got the best of me.

My friend recently started using the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation and has been raving about it non-stop. I was pretty skeptical. I mean, it came in a tube. How was I going to maximize the use of a $51 foundation, when half of the product would always be stuck in the tube?! I fight with toothpaste often enough, and didn’t know if I was up to another challenge with my makeup.

However, after some serious research, I decided that trying something new would probably be healthy for me. I stopped by Sephora and chatted with the sales associate about my dilemma. She used the Tarte foundation herself and had nothing but good things to say about it. It really did stay put for 12 hours, had SPF 15, and was water based so it didn’t add to any oiliness as the day went on.


She squeezed the tube to show me what the foundation looked like. I looked up at her completely horrified, as it instantly looked way too thick and cake-y. She explained that the makeup was whipped clay and was easily blendable once you put it on. Needless to say, my new found confidence in trying different things was shaken.

But still, I accepted the sample and tried it out over the next couple days with almost as much excitement as I’d have for a first date. Would this new foundation be the one?

Like most first dates, I was almost immediately disappointed.

While the foundation lived up to its hype about matte full coverage, it made my face look incredibly dull. It definitely wasn’t the color, which the associate had matched almost perfectly, but the overall effect of it. My skin looked sad and tired, which is exactly how I felt at the end of this whole process.

With Make Up Forever, I could get away with not using any extra products to add dimension to my face. This definitely wasn’t the case with Tarte where I felt I needed to add something, anything to brighten up my face.

I’m sorry Tarte, it’s not you (according to the hundreds of raving reviews), but it’s definitely me. I think I’m just not over my ex-foundation, and I sense we’ll be getting back together shortly.

So what did I learn from my fling?

  1. Don’t try new things.
  2. Make Up Forever is no joke. You’ll literally be attached to using that stuff forever. 
  3. Get a sample before you make a commitment.

– S.

P.S.: The other working title of this post was “How Make Up Forever Got Its Name“.

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