About Me

I hate writing “About Me” sections because they always result in an existential crisis. I’m suddenly confused on my likes, dislikes and basic personality. What’s my favourite colour? What are my hobbies? Who am I?!! I can’t think of anything too interesting to tell you but here are the basics:

I’m twenty-three, but really going on eighty. I live in Canada and I’m a brand new Registered Nurse. I love tea, new clothes, sunsets, lakes, ice cream sundaes, music, beauty products, and naps. I especially love overanalyzing my life and relationships, which is mostly what you’ll see here. Just call me Freud. Or Florence Nightingale.

Bear with me, and I’m sure we’ll learn more about me soon enough.

I’ve included links for image sources at the end of each post. If there’s no link, then I’ve taken the pictures myself!

Contact: fateandthefearlessblog@gmail.com


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